Training details

  • Product Cerebrum
  • Category Control, monitoring, routing & orchestration

1 day (or 2 sessions of 4 hours each)


English (other languages on request)

Course objectives

This course is aimed at broadcast service engineers that are new to Cerebrum. It provides a complete overview of Cerebrum Control & Monitoring Software capabilities and a detailed description of its operation. This course focusses on *what* Cerebrum can do and will use some basic exercise to reveal the approach of Cerebrum towards controlling and monitoring connected studio-equipment.

Target group

Broadcast service engineers


Basic broadcast knowledge, Cerebrum Go online training (register here to access it). Local installation of Cerebrum with enabled demo-mode license.  

Course content
  • General introduction

  • Overview of product variations and their purposes

  • Explanation of license model

  • Step by step introduction to Functions and features, including:

    • GUI overview

      • Introduction to Tally&Router management

      • Control- & Navigation View

      • Device view (benefits of metadata)

    • Device communication

      • EVS

      • 3rd party

      • SNMP

      • Panels

        • Import and export of configurations; making backups

        • User management

        • Logging

        • Severity management

  • Support

    • Gathering support-package

    • Virtualization

  • Together we will create a basic exercise that helps understanding the approach of Cerebrum towards controlling and monitoring devices.

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