Training details

  • Product Cerebrum
  • Category Control, monitoring, routing & orchestration

The duration is adapted to accommodate your specific requirements


English (other languages on request)

Course objectives

This course is specifically meant for engineers that have attended the Cerebrum Advanced training and whish to gain more detailed knowledge about items related to a specific project. Together with your ASM the content and duration of the course can be tailor-made, for example to show you alternative approaches for solving practical issues in a project.

Target group

Broadcast service engineers / GUI-designers; Groups with mixed level of experience among attendees; Customers who need detailed insight of a customized GUI created for them.


Cerebrum Advance Training. Knowledge about commissioning devices in Cerebrum. Good knowledge about studio setups and how various devices interact. Good knowledge about requirements studio’s on operational level. Local installation of Cerebrum with enabled demo-mode license.

Course content

Users will be asked for their preference regarding the focus of the Custom training. The item-list of the Advance training can be used as a selection-guide.

The content of the Custom training Courses can be tailor-made to match your needs.

Together with your ASM and the involved trainer we can assist in deciding on the content to achieve your training goals.

The Custom trainings are specifically targeted on:

  • Groups with mixed levels of knowledge
  • Requests for more in-depth information about a specific item from the Advance course
  • Detailed explanation by the Design-engineer about his/her GUI-creation

 Together we will create exercises that will explain and/or illustrate the selected items or GUI-design parts

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