Training details

  • Product IPDirector
  • Category Asset & workflow management

1 day


English (other languages on request)

Course objectives

This course provides the engineer with a system overview (Hardware and Software), a description of the Software installation and configuration as well as some trouble shooting guidelines

Target group

Technical managers and engineers


Some experience with the XT or XS Servers would be an advantage; a minimum knowledge of computer systems is mandatory

Course content
  • IPDirector presentation
  • Overview of the Hardware components
  • Description of the possible connections with EVS Servers (Server IPDP Mode, LSM Mode, inter-connection via Ethernet, EVS Servers Network, integration of multiple IPDirector workstations in a XT/XS Network)
  • Start up of the system and operational check of the different connections
  • Description of the EVS server configuration and setup for the use with IPDirector
  • Overview of the different production applications (Channel Explorer, Recorder Panel, Ingest Scheduler, Control Panel, Playlist Panel, IPEdit, Database Explorer, IPLogger) and their setup
  • Software installation and configuration (Remote installer, database configuration, routing service configuration, network configuration, SyncroDB configuration, IPDirector configuration, Target configuration, Nearline Management, etc.)
  • Description of the User Manager (definition of users and groups of users, ownership of elements, resources, visibility, user profiles)
  • Presentation of the integration principles (purpose, components, XFile, XTAccess, Xsquare)
  • Creation and reinstallation of a Ghost of the system
  • Trouble shooting guideline
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