Training details

  • Product VIA Xsquare
  • Category Asset & Workflow Management

1/2 day if participants have a good knowledge of the IPDirector Remote Installer configuration.

1 day if they don't.


English (other languages on request)

Course objectives

This course provides the engineer with a detailed description of the VIA Xsquare application and the system architecture. It will also provide the engineer with a description of the configuration possibilities of the system according to the workflow to achieve or the workflow in place.

Target group

Technical managers and engineers.


A good understanding of computers and EVS systems and architecture is required.  

Course content
  • Course introduction and presentation of the system and the role it plays in an EVS architecture

    • System description and aim of the application

    • Description of the architecture

  • Description of the configuration possibilities according to the workflow to achieve
    • Configuration
      • Description of Targets, XML scans, Scan folders configuration
      • Description of the related configurations in the IPDirector Remote Installer
      • Managing job templates and encoder profiles
    • Orchestration: association of engines to Xsquare applications and orchestration of engines in clusters
    • Monitoring tool for jobs and services
    • User Management description
  • Practical exercises according to different user cases / jobs (sending media to servers, to NLE systems, rendering playlists, multi destination targets, key/fill decoding, importing animations, etc.)
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