Training details

  • Product Xeebra
  • Category Video Assistance

1 day


English (other languages on request)

Course objectives

This course provides the engineer with a detailed description of the Xeebra video refereeing system and its architecture. It will provide the engineer with a description of the cabling, installation and configuration possibilities of the system as well as maintenance and monitoring procedures

Target group

Technical managers and engineers of the provider that is responsible for the operations and support of the Xeebra solution


A good understanding of computer systems is required

Course content
  • Course introduction and presentation of the system

  • Detailed description of the system architecture:
         • Hardware description
         • High-Level Architecture
         • Ingest network requirements
         • Cabling and connectivity (audio/video)
         • Ingest specifications
         • Storage specifications

  • Startup and configuration
         • Server configuration
         • Client configuration
         • Controllers
         • Presets and user settings
         • Xeebra software licenses

  • Description of the system’s main features:
         • Review operations: viewing, browsing and replaying
         • Creation, export and management of events

  • Offside line mode
         • Description and introduction to operations
         • Configuration and calibration

  • Presentation of some Xeebra setup examples

  • Description of the maintenance, upgrade and support tools
         • Desktop shortcuts for Time synchronization, Touch Screen configuration, Log collection,
         • Monitoring possibilities for the system
         • Support and health check
         • Update of the software
         • Restoring a Xeebra
         • Drive replacement

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