Training details

  • Product XT-GO
  • Category Live Production Servers

1 day


English (other languages on request)

Course objectives

This course provides the engineer with a complete system overview (Hardware description and connections), server configuration and settings, as well as some monitoring and basic troubleshooting information.

Target group

Technical managers and engineers


A minimum knowledge of computer systems is mandatory.  

Course content
  • Introduction and presentation of the XT-GO server

  • Description of XT-GO server main specifications (Video bitrate, recording capacity, interpolation)
  • Hardware description (Backpanel connections, audio board, video and reference boards, raid controller boards, PC board)
  • Description of the different network connections
    • XNet Network (dedicated EVS Network to share media between XT-GO Servers)
    • GigE Network (connections, Jumboframe, setup flow examples)
    • PCLan Network (management network)
  • Start up of the system and operational check of the different connections
  • Software description (EVS main menu, maintenance menu)
  • Software installation and upgrade
  • SNMP Management of the server
  • Monitoring and evaluating Ethernet connections
  • Fault simulations and error messages
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