Latest Webinar - XtraMotion 2.2

Our LSM-VIA Ambassador Roeland explains what XtraMotion is, how it works and how to use it. Including how to configure a VIA Xsquare Target.

Watch our previous webinars

You can watch the previous webinar sessions dedicated to our replay & highlights operators community

  • LSM-VIA 1.7 - Release presentation

    Our LSM-VIA Ambassadors guide you through what's new on LSM-VIA 1.7

  • LSM-VIA 1.6 - Presentation webinar

    Our LSM-VIA Ambassador Josh Symon explains all you need to know about LSM-VIA 1.6

    Version française avec Marc Maiffret

  • LSM-VIA Settings and Multicam XT Settings

    Our LSM-VIA Ambassador Tom Ryan explains you difference between LSM-VIA settings and Multicam XT settings.

  • LSM-VIA Launch Webinar

    Our LSM-VIA Ambassadors explain all you need to know about LSM-VIA in a webinar

'See How' video series

Watch our "See How" video series to learn more about how to operate with the LSM-VIA

  • LSM-VIA 1.7 – Navigation Shortcuts in LSM-VIA Viewer

    LSM-VIA 1.7 brings more keyboard shortcuts to navigate in the LSM-VIA Viewer app. In this instructional video we will go through all available shortcuts to navigate through the Viewer app on LSM-VIA.

  • LSM-VIA 1.7 – MultiReview Start

    MultiReview allows you to review multiple local and network angles from an intuitive interface and clip, append to a playlist and export them straight away. This instructional video will explain you how to start and setup the MultiReview function in LSM-VIA.

  • LSM-VIA 1.7 – MultiReview How to Operate

    MultiReview allows you to review multiple local and network angles from an intuitive interface and clip, append to a playlist and export them straight away. This instructional video will explain you how to operate MultiReview in LSM-VIA.

  • LSM-VIA 1.6 - Shortcut Buttons

    The Shortcut Buttons keeps on improving! Since LSM-VIA 1.6 you can map specific keywords to a shortcut button, delete a shortcut button immediately by using the clear button and Recorder Names are now shown alongside the Recorder LsmID.

  • LSM-VIA 1.5 - How To Delete Clips

    In the latest LSM-VIA 1.5 the function to delete all clips and playlist at once is added to the features list. By one single press from the Main Menu all unprotected clips and playlists are deleted from the server. In this video we show you different ways to delete clips.
    LSM-VIA 1.5

  • LSM-VIA 1.5 - Shortcut Buttons Improvements

    The latest LSM-VIA 1.5 release brings once again improvements for the shortcut buttons. In this video we will show you how you can quickly map clips, playlists and record trains to a shortcut by a long press on the button. Another improvement showed in this video is the possibility to export a clip by simply provide and IN and/or OUT point on the Record Train.
    LSM-VIA 1.5

  • LSM-VIA 1.5 - Split Screen

    The legacy feature Split Screen is now easier and faster to use in the latest LSM-VIA version. Learn how to use Vertical Split Mode, Horizontal Split Mode and Split Mix Mode on LSM-VIA.
    LSM-VIA 1.5

  • LSM-VIA 1.5 - Cerebrum Integration

    In the latest LSM-VIA 1.5 release a Cerebrum panel is integrated in the LSM-VIA Remote. When activating Cerebrum from the Touchscreen a page will be displayed which mirrors a virtual control panel configured on the Cerebrum Side. Find out more about the Cerebrum integration is this video.
    LSM-VIA 1.5

  • LSM-VIA 1.4 - Network Keyword File

    Keyword File Mode is the new Keyword Configuration setting available on LSM-VIA. Specify the IP Address of the workstation hosting the keyword file and use the same keywords in your entire XNet.
    LSM-VIA 1.4

  • LSM-VIA 1.4 - Second Lever Range, PGM Speed and Var Max

    Change the playback behavior by using one of these three functions. See how these functions are made available on the LSM-VIA console’s keys.
    LSM-VIA 1.4

  • LSM-VIA 1.4 - Clip Edit by Network

    Clip Edit by Network allows you to edit, move or delete clips on network servers. See how you can enable and use this feature on LSM-VIA.
    LSM-VIA 1.4

  • LSM-VIA 1.4 - Loop Playout

    See how you can play out a playlist immediately after playing out another, thanks to the shotbox feature and its autoplay function.
    LSM-VIA 1.4

  • LSM-VIA 1.3 - New shortcuts and functions

    The fully revamped Shortcuts user interface offers access to many more functions, classified by categories. Now you can map a VIA- Xsquare target directly to a Shortcut button, or even add a clip to any local Playlist using the “Add to PL”’ macro.
    LSM-VIA 1.3

  • LSM-VIA 1.3 - Flatten playlist

    It is now possible to convert your playlist into a clip on your local server, thanks to further improvements on the VIA XSquare integration in the LSM-VIA. Find out more about the Flatten playlist feature.
    LSM-VIA 1.3

  • LSM-VIA 1.3 - Xtramotion workflow

    Recently, EVS launched XtraMotion, a new cloud-based service that allows production teams to transform any live footage, as well as post and archived content, into super slow-motion replays.
    LSM-VIA 1.3

  • Advanced audio editing

    See how you can enable the advanced audio editing in your playlist settings, before you can start editing this playlist.
    LSM-VIA 1.2

  • Export playlist

    See how you can export your clips to a target of your choice. This is made possible thanks to the integration of XSquare into the LSM-VIA infrastructure.
    LSM-VIA 1.2

  • Search Interface

    See how you can access the new Search Interface in the LSM-VIA Viewer and how you can perform search actions to find clips faster and further enhance your production.
    Lsm-via 1.2

  • Export clips

    See how to export clips in a pre-defined target.
    LSM-VIA 1.1

  • LSM-VIA Viewer: call by LSM-ID

    See how to use the Recall function with a call by LSM-ID.
    LSM-VIA 1.1

  • Playlist: other angle

    See how to use the Other Angle function to change the current camera angle in a playlist.
    LSM-VIA 1.1

  • Edit playlist while playout

    See how you can edit your playlist while that same playlist is being played out. You can do this with the multiprogram mode, which is explained in this video.
    LSM-VIA 1.0

  • Dyvi macros on LSM-VIA remote

    See how you can connect the new LSM-VIA remote to the Dyvi switcher macros thanks to the VIA platform and IP connectivity.
    LSM-VIA 1.0

  • Copy and move clips

    See how you can Copy and Move clips on the LSM-VIA Remote and LSM-VIA Viewer
    LSM-VIA 1.0

  • Access content on the network

    See how to access content on a distant server thanks to XNet, EVS' dedicated network.
    LSM-VIA 1.0

  • Adding metadata to a clip

    Find out everything you need to know about the new LSM-VIA metadata workflow in this video tutorial.
    LSM-VIA 1.0

  • Push clips

    See how to push clips to a distant server with the integrated touch screen.
    LSM-VIA 1.0

  • Playlist editing (LSM-VIA Viewer)

    See how to create and edit a playlist from within the viewer.
    LSM-VIA 1.0

  • Restripe TC

    See how to restripe the LTC or the user time code with the LSM-VIA.
    LSM-VIA 1.0

  • Swap audio

    See how to swap and mute audio in a playlist with the LSM-VIA.
    LSM-VIA 1.0

  • LSM-VIA Viewer

    Watch our LSM-VIA Viewer tutorial.
    LSM-VIA 1.0

  • Shortcut buttons

    Watch our LSM-VIA shortcut buttons tutorial.
    LSM-VIA 1.0

  • Shotbox

    Watch our LSM-VIA Shotbox tutorial.
    LSM-VIA 1.0

  • Recall function

    Learn how to use the LSM-VIA Recall function.
    LSM-VIA 1.0

  • Trains function

    Learn how to use the LSM-VIA Trains function.
    LSM-VIA 1.0