• 24 April 2023
  • EVS.com
EVS XtraMotion 2.0 award
XtraMotion, EVS' AI-powered super slow-motion service has won the NAB Best of Show award in the Create category for its latest release, XtraMotion 2.0.

With the new XtraMotion 2.0 version, production teams have the option of using either cloud-based or on-premises processing for super slow-motion clips. This represents a big step forward for the industry since the option to process content on-premises reduces turnaround time to about five seconds - regardless of the clip's size - allowing for real-time coverage. 

The flexibility of deploying XtraMotion either in the cloud or on-prem ties into EVS' balanced computing approach, which determines the best distribution of computing workload between on-premises, data centers, and public clouds based on economic benefits and technical constraints for a specific workflow.

Launched in 2021, XtraMotion is designed to give production teams the possibility to generate super slow-motion clips from any live footage, post-production content, and archived material. The innovative service seamlessly integrates with the EVS live production ecosystem, enabling replay operators to clip content from anywhere on the network, render it into super slow-motion with a simple touch of a button, and play it back with the desired frame rate seconds later. 

XtraMotion 2.0 has already been successfully deployed by FOX Sports during the production of the Super Bowl and the Daytona 500, with Michael Davies, Senior Vice President of Field and Technical Operations at FOX Sports, praising the system's ability to produce such fast turnaround times.

Overall, XtraMotion is an evolving, cutting-edge technology that provides unprecedented flexibility and speed for creating high-quality super slow-motion replays, enhancing storytelling in productions and bringing audiences closer to the action.

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