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The heart of broadcast

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Modular interfacing and conversion

 Synapse is the industry’s most powerful and comprehensive audio and video processing system. Its modular architecture is designed to support mission critical broadcast applications. Synapse modules make it possible to process, distribute, convert or analyse any type of uncompressed video and audio signals. Some examples: frame synchronization, video up & down conversion, audio (de)embedding, Dolby processing, integrity checking, logo insertion, multiviewing, etc. 

Product Benefits

  • Flexible

    Using the right combination of cards makes it possible to create any kind of transmission chain you could possibly want. This flexibility makes any type of processing job possible.

  • Massive processing power

    Not limited by a single function but integrating a wide variety of functions combined on a single processing board, resulting in lower footprint in power consumption and space.

  • Easy deployment, low wiring

    The frame has an internal add-on bus which can transport audio from one card to the other internally without any external wiring. Less wiring means easy deployment due to less wiring.

  • Easy to use and intuitive interface

    Configuration and control of Synapse is done via Cortex (FOC) or Cerebrum in an intuitive and easy to use graphical user interface.

  • Lower cost of ownership

    Synapse is based on a single form factor. This will protect your investment and makes swapping cards between frames possible when systems change, or the infrastructure is dynamic like in OB-vans.

Key Features

  • 4 RU frames with 18 slots and 2 RU frames with 8 slots for processing modules
  • Control and reference distribution is part of the frame and does not take up a slot
  • 1Gb/s Ethernet connection for control of all the modules
  • Control of each module’s settings is done via the ACP protocol, best done with Cortex or Cerebrum
  • Small front control to change the cards’ parameters and for instance configure the frame’s IP address
  • Dual redundant hot swappable power supplies
  • Internal reference distribution to all modules
  • Internal add-on bus allowing you to send up to 64 channels of audio from one card to the next
  • Changeable connector panels, giving you the choice to for instance use BNC, DIN 1.0/2.3 or SFP connectors
  • Software upgradable products to upgrade from HD to UHD simply by changing the software license


  • Synapse SFR18
    Synapse 4 RU frame with 18 slots
    • Redundant power supplies
    • 18 slots for processing modules + connector panels
    • Front control to change settings directly
    • Internal add-on bus and reference distribution
    • 1Gb/s Ethernet connection for control and monitoring
  • Synapse SFR08
    Synapse 2 RU frame with 8 slots
    • Redundant power supplies
    • 8 slots for processing modules + connector panels
    • Front control to change settings directly
    • Internal add-on bus and reference distribution
    • 1Gb/s Ethernet connection for control and monitoring
  • Example: SDI integrity checking probe
    GIX110: Dual channel 3Gb/s SDI integrity checking probe with clean audio switchover function
    • 4 free selectable inputs per probe
    • Clean back-up switching through built-in frame synchronizers
    • Clean audio switch-over through V-fade
    • Video content freeze and black detection
    • WST and OP47 presence detection
    • Audio silence and clip detection
    • Dolby presence detection
    • Test pattern generator
  • Example: Modular Multiviewer
    MGU200: 3Gb/s and UHD SDI multiviewer building block with 8 SDI inputs and 8 SDI outputs
    • 8 SDI inputs to two individual heads on 8 SDI outputs
    • Each input can be displayed on each head with an individual scale and position
    • Very low latency (20ms for 50Hz)
    • 32 free assignable audio bars per head
    • Three assignable UMD regions in or under each picture
    • 2 Digital and/or analog clocks per head, assigned to VITC, ATC, LTC or NTP
    • 4 TSL or ACP controlled Tallies per picture
    • Cascades to other multiviewer building blocks to increase the amount of on screen pictures
  • Example: UHD up/down/cross converter
    UXU500: High end 3Gb/s and UHD SDI up/down/cross converter and frame sync with audio shuffler
    • Up/down/cross conversion using Motion Optimized Quality De-interlacing
    • Up and down conversion to and from UHD 4-wire
    • Video proc-amp and color corrector
    • Frame sync with auto-phaser
    • Aspect Ratio Converter
    • 16 free programmable preset banks
    • Multiple GPI inputs and outputs
    • Embedded domain 64x64 audio shuffling
  • Example: SDI audio de-embedder
    GDB880: 3Gb/s SDI basic digital audio de-embedder with 8 AES/EBU outputs
    • Up to 8 AES/EBU outputs (available with 110 Ohm and75 Ohm connectors)
    • 8 extra AES/EBU inputs through the Synapse bus
    • 2x SDI + embedded audio outputs
    • Pre and post delay de-embedding
    • Audio gain, phase and offset delay up to 5 seconds
    • Audio Silence and peak detection
    • GPIs to control presets
  • Example: UHD & HDR toolbox
    U4T240: UHD toolbox with LUT based color space and HDR converter with Dolby E processing
    • Fully featured 4K (3840x2160) Ultra HD 4 wire toolbox
    • LUT based color space and dynamic range conversion
    • 16 LUT presets for standard LUT tables (.cube, .lut or .txt file extensions)
    • 1D LUT 10 bits 1024 RGB values (1024x3 rows)
    • 3D LUT 10 bits 35937 RGB values (33x33x33)
    • Side by side split screen mode with slider for evaluation of LUT values
    • LUT bypass mode
    • Compatible with BT709 and BT2020 I/O
    • Includes a Dolby E encoder and decoder
  • Example: UHD distribution amplifier
    GDR416: UHD, HD and SD distribution amplifier with 4 SDI inputs and 4 reclocked outputs per input (=16 outputs)
    • Quad channel DA with 16 outputs
    • Conversion between SMPTE standards
    • GPI controlled input swapping and status monitoring
    • Bypass function of the reclocker for non-standard frequencies
    • Flexible choice of I/O standards, like fiber or HDMI I/O, through the use of SFP modules
  • Example: Live production toolbox
    GXT110: Dual 3Gb/s, HD and SD input, frame synchronizer, up/down/cross converter, embedder, de-embedder and optional cross input audio shuffler
    • Low-latency up/down/cross conversion in the same frame-rate
    • Dual frame-synchronization
    • Dual input backup functionality with integrity checking
    • VBI insertion
    • Cross input audio (de-)embedding and shuffling, also though the Synapse audio bus
    • 4 GPI inputs for ARC and Shuffle triggers

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