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Control your way!

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Designed to master your most critical broadcast operations, Cerebrum provides highly customizable interfaces to easily control, configure and monitor any production environment.

As a complete Broadcast Control System (BCS), Cerebrum gives you control over your most critical broadcast operations. Accessible via one application, the system’s powerful and highly customizable interfaces allow you to control, configure and monitor any broadcast environment the way you want. Cerebrum is designed to be robust in both small to large infrastructures and adapted for SDI and IP, offering you a scalable solution that is ready for today’s and tomorrow’s operations.

Cerebrum protocol / user list

Go to the Control Your Way case page to know more about Cerebrum applications

Product benefits

  • Everything is customizable

    Users are free to modify the interfaces’ default templates or design their own for a highly customizable experience, both on a live system as well as offline at home using snapshots of the system.

  • Designed for mission critical live events

    Built on a database system, Cerebrum can handle many operational commands in milliseconds. It lets you access all of the configuration information from one place, making it especially advantageous for larger systems with many devices and clients.

  • Adaptable to any scenario

    Cerebrum is designed to be robust in both simple and very complex scenarios and is adapted for SDI and IP environments. Its use also goes beyond the broadcasting industry, allowing you to control motorized monitor stands, the lighting equipment in a truck or MCR, window shutters and various other domotica.

  • Agnostic licensing model

    You don’t buy device specific drivers or licenses. Instead you buy a number of device points which you can use for any device, using any of the more than 180 included protocols.

  • Lower cost of ownership

    Competitively priced options, comprehensive functionality and user-friendliness combine to reduce the need for manual intervention. Cerebrum offers you potentially dramatic savings.

  • For today’s and tomorrow’s operation

    Besides configuring and controlling conventional SDI environments, Cerebrum is fully capable of managing IP infrastructures using for instance NMOS IS-04 and IS-05. With the integration of EVS Score Master IP Flow Orchestrator, it even becomes your infrastructure’s SDN.

Key features

  • Compatible with almost any broadcast device
  • Fully customizable user interfaces
  • Agnostic licensing model
  • Online and Offline configuration
  • Control and monitor multiple workflows with a single system
  • Easy Router, Tally, UMD, Mnemonics, Categories and Tie-line configuration
  • IP device routing via NMOS IS-04, 05, SDP and various native protocols
  • Service managers allow a distributed architecture
  • Wide range of hardware LCD-button panels
  • Low system requirements, allowing small computers to run the clients

Control panels

  • CCP8002B
  • CCP6002B
  • CCP4200B
  • CCP4801B
  • CCP3201B
  • CCP1601B
  • CCP4800B

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