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driving live to archive

Connected archive and transcoding solution

Front panel of an Xfile3 server
Backpanel of a xfile3 server


XFile3 simplifies your file transfer and archive needs during a live production. With higher levels of efficiency and automation, you can archive, transform and restore your selected content - in any format and to/from multiple destinations.

XFile3 allows users to easily find and restore archived content - transcoding if it necessary. This software application provides complete control and visibility of all file transfers from one single intuitive interface, whether the user is archiving locally or through connected live workflows enabled by C-Next.


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Hassle-free archiving

XFile3 allows multi-destination archives in different codecs and file formats so you no longer have to worry about complex file conversion processes.

A big time-saver

No need to wait to the end of the live production to archive content from your live production server, XFile3 provides immediate access and archiving of EVS server content during the event.

Born out of users' requests

XFile3 features an intuitive interface that gives you complete control and visibility of your content across its lifecycle.


  • XFile3 Software
    • Full License for Backup, Restore, Transcode, Edit, Streaming on XF3 Hardware Platform
    • Transcoding License
  • XF32-4301D 2U Platform Hardware
    • Dual 8-Core CPU @2.1 GHz
    • 64GB RAM DDR4 ECC2400
    • 1x 200GB SSD for OS
    • 2x 2TB SATA HDD Removable
    • 2x Gigabit Ethernet ports with jumbo frame support
    • 2x 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports (SFP + connectors, SFP + modules not included)
    • Front panel with 6x USB3 and 4x eSATA; 5x USB3 on rear
  • XFile Lite - Simple Backup/Restore Mode
    • License to install on non XF3 Hardware for Simple Backup/Restore
  • XFile Lite Streaming Only Mode
    • License to install on Non-XF3 Hardware for Streaming to File
  • XFile Lite – Media Manager Mode
    • License for media manager only view
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