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Fastest live file archive and transfer

XFile3 is the fastest way to move and exchange your EVS files during production.  Backup, stream and restore your content - in any format and from multiple destinations.

Front panel of an Xfile3 server
Backpanel of a xfile3 server


XFile3 is the fastest way to move and exchange your media files during production.  archivetransform and restore your content -- in any format and from multiple destinations -- and deliver every angle of content in native formats directly to transportable media or connected circuits for remote production. 

From a single, connected workstation, XFile3 allows users to manage every asset from Live production. Operators can monitor and manage all file transfers from one easy interface, giving them complete control and visibility of the content across its lifecycle, including connected remote workflows when linked to an EVS C-Next account using our Connected Agent. 


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Connected Live Archive

Today’s live archives for events are connected, and WAN circuits are readily available.  XFile3 becomes an connected live archive when combined with EVS C-Next solution and the C-Next service in the cloud.  Make your sharing of content easier by direct workflows in XFile3 connected to more content and more people.

Simple Intuitive UI

Performing archive and restore of content for live events should not be difficult, and the user interface to execute should be simple. XFile3 was born out of user’s requests and the need to command a high volume of live archive during the top tier events around the world.

Easy Restores with Transcode

Users can move straight to production, and not worry about complex file conversion processes with transcode between formats like SD, HD, and UHD-4K, as well as dozens of codec and file formats. XFile3 make restoring content easy thanks to its automatic transcode during restore.

Multiple destinations for archive 

Production standards and codecs are elected for live operations, but what you walk away as an archive may need to suite different purposes.  XFile3 allows you to manage multiple destinations for jobs with multiple profiles including transcode, metadata and file formats for easy operations.  Make your archived content fit your needs with flexibility. 

Archive during Live Production 

No need to wait to the end of the live production to archive content from your live production server, XFile3 lets you transfer during live game operations to be completed moments after the live event.  Save time, and secure your content so you can make a fast departure from the OB Production Truck. 


  • XFile3 Software
    • Full License for Backup, Restore, Transcode, Edit, Streaming on XF3 Hardware Platform
  • XF32-4301D 2U Platform Hardware
    • Dual 8-Core CPU @2.1 GHz
    • 64GB RAM DDR4 ECC2400
    • 1x 200GB SSD for OS
    • 2x 2TB SATA HDD Removable
    • Transcoding License
  • HW Ordering Options
    • OS: Windows 7 or Windows 10 Enterprise
    • XF32-4D-SATA+ : Additional 2x 2TB Removable HDD
    • XF32-4D-RAID+ : Additional 8x 1.2TB SAS HDD
  • XFile Lite - Simple Backup/Restore Mode
    • License to install on non XF3 Hardware for Simple Backup/Restore
  • XFile Lite Streaming Only Mode
    • License to install on Non-XF3 Hardware for Streaming to File
  • XFile Lite – Media Manager Mode
    • License for media manager only view
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