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Replay UHD-4K with Utmost Speed and Confidence

For a focused UHD-4K replay solution with HD flexibility, look to the new EVS XT4K server


The new EVS XT4K is a dedicated server offering the most reliable and fastest UHD-4K replay.  With up to four channels in flexible in/out combinations, the XT4K drives complete UHD-4K media control from ingest to playout.  The added flexibility of the XT4K lets you bridge your investment to execute HD and Full-HD productions from the same server.

In addition to EVS Loop Recording technology and on-board networking option, XT4K provides support of SuperMotion cameras and native XAVC-4K Intra encoding and decoding for live editing, slowmotion replays and multi-channel playback with server-to server transfer options. And unlike other systems, the XT4K makes expansion of your onboard storage easy, and without complex SAN interconnections or clustering. 


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Full live 4K replay operations with EVS made precision & reliability

EVS production servers changed the replay and record process by introducing a loop process that never ends.  Loop recording is our guarantee you’ll never miss any of the action.

Reinforced connectivity to cope with 4K needs

With support of multiple options, the XT4K meets your business needs whether you are starting at 3G-SDI, looking to use 12G-SDI, or building a next generation facility using IP standards following the AIMS roadmap.

In 3G-SDI modes for UHD-4K,  a choice of 2-sample interleave or square division methods of transport means flexibility. With the utilization of 12G-SDI, the XT4K allows uncompressed connections for simple facility design, and with onboard connections for IP I/O options, the XT4K is ready for your next generation of IP media fabric using SMPTE 2022-6 or SMPTE 2110 future standards.

Future-ready platform enabled through software evolution

The XT4K server enables native support for XAVC-4K Intra encoding and decoding without transcode or further degradation of content workflows.  As a 10-bit codec, this enables High Dynamic Range (HDR) productions for the most vivid UHD-4K content.   With expanding capabilities from each Multicam Engine software upgrade, you can be sure that your investment will continue to bring more value with every year.

Full flexibility for UHD or HD operations

The core of the XT4K is the Multicam software engine, which enables the EVS designed hardware to evolve with your needs.  If you build a facility for UHD-4K today, you can still flex your server investment to execute HD and Full-HD productions with the expected EVS operations and density.

Expandable Internal storage

Expand your production, not your complexity. Unlike other systems in the market, XT4K makes storage expansion easy through a range of onboard and externally expandable options yielding up to 130+ hours in UHD-4K at 600Mbps.


  • 6RU orderable option
  • 4 channels of UHD-4K or 12 channels of HD/FHD 1080p
  • XVAC-Intra class 300 codec for UHD-4K
  • XAVC-I, AVC-I, DNxHD & ProRes codecs for HD/FHD 1080p
  • Audio Options: 192 uncompressed audio tracks , built in audio router, with Analog, AES, Embedded and MADI support
  • 4x Integrated Multiviewers
  • Internal storage up to 9TB (Externally expandable up up to 40TB)
  • Recording Capacity: Up to 130 Hours of UHD-4K
  • Triple Networking
    • EVS XNet - 3Gbps Production Network
    • Dual 10Gbps Media sharing network
    • Redundant management LAN ports
  • 12G-SDI or 10Gbps IP Connectivity backpanel
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