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As a complete Broadcast Control System (BCS), Cerebrum gives you control over your most critical broadcast operations. The system’s powerful and highly customizable interfaces allow you to control, configure, orchestrate, and monitor any broadcast environment the way you want, all accessible via one umbrella system.

Cerebrum is designed to be robust in both small and large infrastructures and adapted for IP and SDI workflows, offering you a scalable solution that is ready for todays and tomorrow’s operations.

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Core benefits

  • Adaptable to any scenario

    From small and simple setups to complex multi-site workflows, any broadcast environment can be managed by Cerebrum. An extensive list of APIs and protocols ensures compatibility and interoperability with and between almost any broadcast device.

  • Advanced routing made easy

    The trusted Routemaster lies at the core of Cerebrum and allows any workflow, SDI, IP or hybrid, to be configured in a central multilevel Router, controllable and compatible with almost any native or generic protocol, like NMOS, SDP and Ember+.

  • For today and tomorrow

    Cerebrum is fully capable of managing SDI and IP infrastructures. With the SDN licenses, it can manage your main IP fabric and edge switches. With the integration of various cloud-services it can even manage cloud-based workflows.

  • Agnostic licensing model

    You don’t buy device specific drivers or licenses. Instead, you buy a number of device points which you can use for any device, using any of the more than 250 included protocols.

  • Lower cost of ownership

    Competitively priced options, comprehensive functionality and user-friendliness combine to reduce the need for manual intervention. Cerebrum offers you potentially dramatic savings.

  • Highly customizable

    Users are free to modify the interfaces’ default templates or design their own for a highly customizable experience, both on a live system as well as offline at home using snapshots of the system. The (router) control panels can be fully customized as well.

Cerebrum hardware

Besides the Cerebrum software, which can be installed and licensed on any Windows based (virtual) server, PC, laptop or tablet that meets the minimum system requirements, the following hardware components are also available.

Cerebrum server

Although Cerebrum can be installed on any server or virtual machine that meets the minimum system requirements, we can also supply you with a preinstalled server. The preinstalled server comes with a Windows server 2019 license and with a Cerebrum license dongle.

Cerebrum redundant server system

Although Cerebrum can be installed on any server or virtual machine that meets the minimum system requirements, we can also supply you with a preinstalled servers. In the redundant system topology, there is a primary server, a secondary server and a witness server. These three server can be supplied preinstalled by EVS. The preinstalled servers come with Windows server 2019 licenses, an MS SQL server license and with a Cerebrum license dongles.

Cerebrum control panels

Cerebrum Control Panels provide a hardware control surface for a Cerebrum system. They are customized using the Cerebrum Designer application, which comes for free with every installation. All devices connected to the Cerebrum server(s) can be controlled or viewed from this physical surface.

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The CGP-4848 General Purpose I/O unit is a 1U rack mount panel with 48 General Purpose Inputs (GPI’s) and 48 General Purpose Outputs (GPO’s) available on six 37 way ‘D’ type connectors on the rear of the unit, each connector carrying either 16 inputs or outputs.

Cerebrum UI Packages

EVS designed premade UI packages which include most of the required functionality for Advanced Routing, Device Control, Desk Control and Flexible XY routing panels

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Cerebrum web client

New: improved web clients

  • Show your customized control GUI's in any modern web browser on any device
  • Any GUI created with the Cerebrum Designer application (f.o.c.), can be shown on the web clients
  • Web clients are hosted and managed from the Cerebrum Server or from any Rich Client (HTTP/HTTPS)
  • Comes in packages of 5 concurrent web client licenses, independent of thick-client licenses
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Control panels

Operate any device or router in your facility using Cerebrum's highly customizable control panels

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Cerebrum UI packages

EVS designed premade UI packages which include most of the required functionality our customers have in common.

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Get the most out of your EVS equipment

At EVS, we understand how important it is for our customers to gain an edge in the live production environment.  That’s why we’re empowering operators and technical engineers to become advanced users of our technology – leading to better production values, streamlined workflows and better ROI from your EVS investment.

Want to discover Cerebrum interactively?

This pathway of 17 e-learning modules gives you an overview of Cerebrum's features and functionalities. Besides, it will help you gain some general broadcast knowledge to better understand the context in which the product is implemented. This three-hour course is the foundation course on Cerebrum and is a pre-requisite for more in-depth courses.

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