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MediaCeption Inflow® is a turnkey solution that provides highly reliable and synchronized ingest of live multi-camera feeds and associated metadata, for swift and efficient delivery to the production, post-production, or archive stages. Leveraging EVS’ market-leading production servers and our web-based asset management platform, the solution offers dynamic, concurrent support of multiple formats, codecs and framerates for efficient use within studio entertainment, sports and news environments. With MediaCeption Inflow you will benefit from guaranteed broadcast quality and easy integration with your post-production processes. Its flexibility will let you start small and scale up in the future as your production requirements increase.

Core benefits

  • Efficient workflow

    Images and metadata flow smoothly from multiple cameras to production

  • Fast turn-around

    Crews can quickly access and find the right content for their productions

  • Seamlessly integrated

    Goes hand-in-hand with post-production editing seats, incl. near-live editing & playout while export

  • Dynamic and flexible

    A software-based system to manage complexities with many compatible formats and changing production environments

  • Access anywhere

    Intuitive web-based user interface allowing remote and collaborative operation

  • Looped recording

    EVS’ renown reliable continuous looped recording technology


Software-based studio server for flexible ingest. Combining reliability, flexibility and scalability for all your studio requirements.

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Users benefit from IPD-VIA’s set of intuitive web app interfaces, empowering them to work remotely and collaboratively for faster turnaround of content, delivered to multiple platforms. In MediaCeption Inflow, IPD-VIA is responsible for configuration of your ingest, imports, and your recordings, and for monitoring and logging.

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Integrated with all major editing suites

MediaCeption Inflow is seamless integrated with popular post-production systems, such as AVID and Adobe Premiere Pro.

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MediaCeption Inflow - 3rd party integration
Integration with third party archives

MediaCeption provides an easy way to archive its indexed video content through integration with third party arhive and LTO systems, such as Telestream’s DIVA Archive Manager.

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Shared storage

MediaCeption solutions are compatible with many network attached and cloud storage providers, including EVS's own Xstore.

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EVS MediaCeption Inflow solution
Key features
  • Frame accurate multi-camera/multi-feeds ingest solution
  • HTML5 Web UI, accessible from anywhere
  • EVS reliable loop recording technology
  • Seamless integration with popular post-production systems
  • Software-defined ingest servers
  • Multiple simultaneous codecs, formats and framerates possible
  • Change codecs, formats and framerates on-the-fly, without rebooting
  • Ingest & record from cameras and other SDI or IP feeds
  • Import files from external storage
  • Extensive logging features for all your assets
  • Ability to scale up to a full end-to-end MediaCeption Signature solution

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Besides the turnkey approach, EVS can also provide end-to-end Production Asset Management solutions, tailored to any production workflow. Contact us to discuss your challenges or book a live demo.


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