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XtraMotion® is a cloud-based service that allows production teams to transform any live footage, as well as post and archived content into super slow-motion replays. Designed to be seamlessly integrated into EVS’ live production ecosystem, replay operators can simply clip any content from anywhere on the network, render it to super slow-motion and play it back in seconds from their EVS replay server.  Using machine learning algorithms, the rendering process can be applied on-demand on any production format and on any original framerate to create high-quality super slow-motion content, from any camera, with unrivaled results.

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Core benefits

  • Increase your super slow-motion coverage

    XtraMotion provides an easy and cost-effective way to increase your super slow-motion coverage on your productions. It enables the instant transformation of regular footage into high framerate content and can be applied on all HD and full HD formats, in any original framerate, in SDR or HDR. 

  • On-demand activation

    The decision to activate XtraMotion on any camera can be taken in instants. Since XtraMotion is a cloud-based service, no additional hardware is needed onsite, you deploy (and pay) only what you need when you need it.  

  • EVS signature quality

    Relying on advanced machine learning algorithms developed by a team of in-house experts, the XtraMotion process goes beyond other techniques for images that meet EVS’ unrivalled quality standards. 

  • The best content on air - always

    EVS replay operators no longer have to choose between the camera that shows the action from the best angle, or from the high frame rate camera. With XtraMotion, there is no compromise – they can apply the super slow-motion effect to the camera angle they choose. 

  • Embedded into any EVS ecosystem

    XtraMotion tightly integrates within any EVS replay environment and fits seamlessly into your existing operator workflows. With just a simple touch of a button on the LSM-VIA remote, your clip is processed immediately in the cloud, for playback seconds after.

  • IABM BaM Award - Create category (2021)

    IABM BaM Award - Create category (2021)

  • TV Technology NAB Best in Market Award (2021)

    TV Technology NAB Best in Market Award (2021)

  • Broadcast Production Award (2021)

    Broadcast Production Award (2021)

EVS live replays and highlights systems

Advanced functionalities and familiar tactile controls for fast and flexible replays and highlights operations.

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EVS live production servers

With EVS trademark reliability, flexibility and loop recording technology to bring all your stories to life.

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LSM-VIA integration

By the push of one button, LSM-VIA operators can turn a regular speed clip into a super slow-motion replay.

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Technical specifications

720p, 1080i, 1080p, SDR/HDR

50/59,94 ; Any SSM speed


Fully integrated into LSM-VIA. Also works with LSM, XFile3, IPDirector and many other tools. 

“Storytelling is always top of mind at FOX Sports and applying the XtraMotion effect onto our increasing number of specialty cameras really helps us give that extra visual wow factor to our productions.”

Mike Davies, FOX Sports
See XtraMotion in action at NASCAR

The XtraMotion process can be applied to any camera, regardless of its size, type or placement. Watch the video for some spectacular super slow-motion replays from in-car cameras during a NASCAR race.

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