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Empowering more with  live content

Multireview empowers producers and LSM operators to produce better live replays with every angle in view



Ever wish you could access a synchronous view of all the camera angles?  Or quickly create compelling highlights with relying on your operators?  Multireview gives synchronous access to all the cameras in the truck from one simple interface. It can work in 4 distinct modes:  Offline mode offers a simple synchronous browse all the angles available for the producers or slomo directors to review.  Online modes allow the Multireview to interact with the LSM operator’s environment,  In Highlights mode, the operator can easily pick the best angles rather than rely on clips from the other operators. This Multireview sequence is a playlist on the server that can be further edited.


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Independent review of up to 32 camera recordings

Multireview lets the SloMo director review all the angles independently from the operators. Cameras can be arranged in different layouts with up to 16 angles in single layout. This allows easy and fast access to all the relevant angles for each given action.

Create highlights autonomously


Create compelling highlights without relying on clips from the other operators. Mark important situations as they happen. Come back to them at any time to visualize them to find the best angles. Put several angles at once in a playlist and re-trim them individually.

Load replay angles direct to LSM operator channels

Work in tandem between a sports specialist on the Multireview and an LSM operator. The sports specialists selects which camera to show and in what order. The LSM operator manages replay speed.

Easily create multi-angles replay without time jumps

Multireview is used to replay an action from the beginning to the end without time jump by selecting the best angle at any moment.

The resulting sequence is put in a playlist stored on the server, ready for replay at any time.

Markers and metadata tagging to content and reviews

Add markers to the timeline to help organize your work.

Add keywords to markers and to clips on the server. The keywords are set directly on the server so that other operators can see them and they get backed up with the clip.


  • Operating system : Win7|64bits
  • 1U 19 ‘’ rack with redundant power supply
  • 2* Gigabit Ethernet ports with jumbo frame support
  • 80Gb dedicated for cache location
  • Multicam compatibility: MU 12.02.60 with LO-RES option