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Ultimate IP processing power

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Network Attached Processor (NAP)

Built to fit in any existing and future IP broadcast infrastructure, the Neuron platform offers the most powerful processing capabilities in the industry. With its ethernet-based architecture, Neuron can accommodate a wide range of audio-video processing needs in IP environments: frame synchronization, up/down conversion, color correction, HDR conversion, audio (de)embedding and audio shuffling. It also bridges the gap between baseband SDI and any type of IP media streams, protecting your investments today for future demands.

Product Benefits

  • Unparalleled density

    Because the processing boards are entirely based on a 100Gb/s architecture, and because we are using the biggest and most powerful FPGAs in the world, one board can process up to 32 HD channels or 8 UHD channels. Two boards will fit in a 1 RU frame.

  • Huge set of functions

    Bridging, Gateway, Embedding, De-embedding, Synchronization, HDR<>SDR, Shuffling, Back-up switching, Isolation (firewall), up/down/cross conversion and more video and audio processing is possible.

  • Designed for IP and hybrid environments

    Neuron is entirely based on IP technology and has SDI connectivity as option. This ensures a feature set which includes all IP-specific functions without having to use additional modules.

  • Designed for optimized TCO

    Support of high bandwidth QSFP+ modules to decrease connectivity costs. Using the same hardware for all processing variations ensuring the highest flexibility on the market. On average 60% less power consumption.

  • Easy to use and intuitive interface

    Neuron can be configured and controlled using a very intuitive graphical user interface in Cerebrum, EVS' control and monitoring system. This GUI gives a graphical representation of the internal processing rather than just a list of parameters.

  • Future ready

    As the Broadcast Market is changing rapidly, Neuron is able to adapt to any environment, whether you are in a broadcast facility or in a datacenter.

Key Features

  • Various A/V processing capabilities, such as: frame sync, up/down conversion, color correction, HDR conversion, audio (de-)embedding and shuffling, JPEG-XS compression and UHD remapping
  • Completely flexible I/O configuration
  • The various available applications are all running on the same hardware, making it possible to change functionality without swapping hardware
  • 2 processing boards per 1RU frame
  • Unparalleled density (up to 32 HD channels or 8 UHD channels per board)
  • Dual 100Gb/s Ethernet QSFP28 connections per board
  • Quad 25Gb/s Ethernet SFP28 connections per board
  • ST2022-6, ST2110-10/20/30/31 and AES67 compliant
  • NMOS IS-04 and IS-05 compliant
  • Hot swappable redundant power supplies
  • Optional SDI connectivity (8x 12G in, 8x 12G out, 24x bidirectional 3G SDI on HD-BNC)
  • Up to 60% less power usage


  • Neuron NFR2000
    Neuron 1RU frame
    with redundant power supplies with integrated cooling and 2 slots for processing boards. Available as broadcast version (I/O on the back) or as datacenter version (I/O on the front)
    Powerful IP-SDI Bridge and A/V processor in one
    This is a multichannel A/V-over-IP transceiver developed for use within low-latency and high-bandwidth IP networks. In combination with the SDI expansion module, the BRIDGE can process up to 32 video signals and multiple channels of audio, acting as a uni-directional or bi-directional bridge in hybrid applications. Each of the 32 processing paths is capable of frame synchronizing, proc amp and audio (de-)embedding.The BRIDGE also performs well in IP to IP setups, being the link between ST2022-6 and ST2110.
    Unparalleled A/V processor in both flexibility as well as functionality
    CONVERT combines advanced processing capabilities with a wide variety of I/O standards. This can be anything from ST2110, ST2022-6 and any SDI standard. Incorporating massive processing power like frame synchronization, up/down/cross conversion, UHD remapping, color correction, audio (de-)embedding, audio shuffling, audio gain/phase adjustments and dynamic HDR/SDR conversion. If you are in need of AV processing, CONVERT will be your product to go to. Adding the optional SDI expansion module, will enable you to convert to and from SDI, regardless of the format. The CONVERT is very well suited to adapt to smaller, medium and large setups.
    The world’s biggest IP audio channel shuffler
    With new IP-based audio formats, like ST2110-30 and ST2110-31, the amount of audio channels within a broadcast facility can easily grow into the thousands. Managing which channels belong in which audio streams and shuffling the various channels from one stream to the other is becoming quite a challenge. With the Neuron Audio Matrix option, you can shuffle, mix and delay thousands of individual audio channels in a 8192x8192 audio matrix.

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