Our premium solution partners

End-to-end solutions promoted, sold and supported by EVS and receiving the highest level of certification. These solutions are at the core of EVS’ strategy.

  • Arista - Network

    Arista and EVS created a joint and certified offering to provide end-to-end inter-connected solutions for production centers. Arista switches are integrated in our MediaInfra Strada® and project based IP solutions. They are also an ideal combination with our LiveCeption® and MediaCeption® IP products.

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  • Aspera (IBM) - Remote & Cloud

    EVS's C-next is a platform which inter-connects several live production sites together. Aspera helps to accelerate media file contribution of EVS systems (MediaCeption) between these sites to answer the needs of demanding environments.

  • NewBlue - Graphics

    NewBlue FX offers a user-friendly graphics solution for X-One users.

  • Teradici - Remote & Cloud

    The combination of Teradici’s Cloud Access suite with EVS' MediaCeption solutions give operators the flexibility to access applications running on an EVS PMZ server as a virtual machine or on dedicated workstations, anytime, anywhere.

  • Utah Scientific - Network

    In the context of our MediaInfra Solutions, EVS is an official reseller of Utah Scientif SDI routers in order to provide you with a one-stop-shop experience.

Our certified solution partners

Key solutions with certification that enables partners to integrate and validate their products with EVS workflows. These solutions benefit from a greater level of awareness and education across the EVS team and our customers.

  • Adobe - Editing

    Import and edit any Hires or Lores media referenced in MediaCeption in a Premiere Pro project, without having to transfer content (Edit in place) and share with other users via Adobe Team Projects.

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  • Ardis Technologies - Storage

    With its rich featureset for Post-Production environment, ARDIS’s DDP storage makes an ideal companion for MediaCeption ingest systems.

  • ChyronHego - Graphics

    Through DYVI's integration with ChyronHego, you have direct control of CG’s from the DYVI Panel, GUI and Macro system, allowing operators to drive both switcher functions and graphics in sync and from one control point.

  • Dell EMC - Storage

    Dell EMC Isilon is a certified nearline storage for IPDirector and IPD-VIA with SMB access

  • Flowics - Graphics

    Flowics offers an HTML5 application to manage dynamic graphics in productions with EVS X-One®. It integrates with several data providers and with social media, for poling and interactions with viewers. Flowics also offers creative services to customers.

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  • Haivision - Remote & cloud

    Thanks to Haivision Makito X series encoder, you can safely stream the best quality video over the most unreliable networks with low latency, allowing LiveCeption replay and highlights operators to work remotely.

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  • LiveEdit - Editing

    The integration of LiveEdit and EVS DYVI enables a powerhouse of layering and 2D/3D effects, offering extensive benefits to the creative value of the final production.

  • Octopus - NRCS

    Enrich your stories with direct access to the video clips available in EVS' IP Director, all from a single user interface . Synchronize rundowns to IP Director for direct playout on XT/XS Servers

  • OpenDrives - Storage

    To ensure live event feeds are glitch-free for viewers, OpenDrives's Summit and Ridgeview ranges, combined with MediaCeption, are perfect to deal with the complex requirements behind high-resolution, high framerate and HDR content.

  • Panasonic - Cameras

    MediaCeption offers instant access to P2 cards, allowing users to browse and transfer content to the asset management solution, while EVS Overcam® allows automated positioning of Panasonic’s PTZ cameras to gain extra camera coverage.

  • Perfect Memory - MAM

    Tight integration between Perfect Memory's MAM system and EVS' Production Suite for both ingest and export operations brings productivity to the next level in News environments.

  • RT Software - Graphics

    For sports right holders who want to create analysis packages, the combination of EVS servers with RT Software Tactic creates a powerful solution for telestration that overlays graphic to illustrate specific situations on replay sequences and delivers content on air faster than ever.

  • Seagate - Storage

    Seagate Lyve Mobile is an on demand mobile storage solution as a service, delivering a fast, reliable, and secure way of transporting content and metadata from a LiveCeption environment to post-production or archive.

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  • Signiant - Remote & Cloud

    EVS and Signiant enable fast Media & Metadata Content delivery for live productions, interconnecting remote sites to create seamless workflows and high-class content.

  • Stats LLC - Data feeds

    Logging content can take time and waste ressources. Stats and EVS join forces to deliver fast-turnaround workflows. All live datas are made available within the MediaCeption environment to add value to your content and enable you to produce more and faster.

  • Tedial - MAM

    Tedial and EVS have integrated solutions for more than ten years providing media companies with sophisticated live production workflows. The latest integration create a bi-directional link between EVS’ MediaCeption live production asset management suite and Tedial’s enterprise MAM system, Evolution.

  • Telestream - Archive

    MediaCeption provides an easy way to archive its indexed video content through an integration with Telestream’s DIVA Archive Manager. DIVA is a dedicated software that allows to archive to LTO tapes, to disks and to optical media.

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  • Vidispine - MAM

    vidispine supports major companies through digital transformations. Vidispine's VPMS Asset Management solutions enrich EVS's MediaCeption solutions with cloud services, virtualization, data center & remote editing capabilities.

Our integrated partners

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AWS is the leading choice for broadcasters, with over 1,600 channels worldwide originating from the AWS Cloud. Customers including FOX, ViacomCBS, and Discovery pioneer the future of video delivery using an unmatched portfolio of purpose-built AWS services and appliances, along with partner solutions, to run low-latency broadcast workloads with greater agility, elasticity, scalability, and reliability than anywhere else.

Blackbird is a professional video editing in a browser. Edit anywhere, publish everywhere, be first to market, scale effortlessly and flexibly, ensure content quality and drive massive efficiencies across your organisation.

In 1999 sparked the growth of the PC gaming market, redefined modern computer graphics, and revolutionized parallel computing. More recently, GPU deep learning ignited modern AI — the next era of computing — with the GPU acting as the brain of computers, robots, and self-driving cars that can perceive and understand the world.